matress (4)Did You Know: Mattresses should be cleaned every year to reduce the colonies of dust mites residing deep within them. Most people don’t realize it’s unhealthy to sleep on a mattress infested with millions of dust mites and muck. Cleaning your mattress is likely long overdue. We can make your mattress fresh, clean, and dry so you can sleep comfortably tonight!

What are Dust mites?

Few people nowadays have not seen a television program about house dust mites. Newspapers are full of advertisements for things which are supposed to help you get rid of them and the nasty dust they leave all over your house. House dust mites are tiny (up to 0.3 mm) animals related to ticks and spiders and live in house dust.

matress (5)There is not a house without them, but some houses contain huge numbers and other houses contain almost none. This does not only depend on cleanliness, but depends very much on the amount of moisture in the house; dry houses in very cold climates or on high mountains have few mites, but houses in temperate climates and normal altitudes have more.

House dust mites eat the dust which comes from our skin all the time. They leave droppings everywhere they go. Their droppings contain left-over enzymes which the mites use to digest the skin dust. It is these enzymes which are the most important part of mite dust in causing asthma and other allergic diseases. In fact, house dust mites and their droppings are the most important cause of Asthma and Allergies worldwide.

There is ample proof that living in surroundings with little or no mite dust improves or cures asthma and allergies that are caused by it. In practice it is proving to be almost prohibitively difficult for most people to achieve this.

matressHaving your Carpets, Upholstery, and Mattresses cleaned regularly with our Truck Mounted Hot water extraction helps sanitize as well as extract mites and feces from your home! This instantly provides better indoor air quality for you and your family.

Let us suck these critters out of your house and into our truck! Call today!

Mattress Size Top and Sides
Twin Size $75
Full Size $100
Queen Size $125
King Size $150