upholstery_1-b84ce386b1At Prestige Carpet & Floor Care, we can restore your furniture to its former Bright Colors and Luxurious Feel. Once the dirt is apparent in your upholstery, the chances of removing it are reduced by 78%. Your carpets need to be cleaned no less than every 18 months, and you just walk on your carpet. Since your skin actually comes into contact frequently with your furniture, shouldn’t you clean your upholstery more often than every 18 months? Your clothes get cleaned a lot more often than every year or even every month!

upholstery_2-4709261ae2Did you know that dust is composed of animal and human dander, sloughed-off skin cells, mold spores, food and plant fibers and residue, insect parts, pollens, and other minute particles? Did you know that dead skin cells are a favored food for dust mites? Not only are pieces of dead skin cells present in dust that settles on furniture, but they are also present in our mattresses, carpets, upholstered furniture, and drapery. Did you know that one of the most common allergens is the excrement that comes from dust mites that eat these dead skin cells? You guessed it, that excrement becomes part of dust also! As these dust mites die, their remains are also added to dust.

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