5 Ways to Clean with Vinegar

Going green is more than just a trend it is a global movement to create a healthier living environment and when it comes to green cleaning, vinegar is one of the most talked about and versatile green cleaning solutions. White distilled vinegar, during its fermentation process creates acetic acid which is effective at killing bacteria, mold and breaking up deposits such as stuck on food or soap scum. Vinegar based cleaning products can even be found at your local supermarket. Here are four ways in which you can use vinegar to clean.

Odor Removal: Aerosol spray cans are good at masking odors, but they will not entirely remove an odor and they can be harmful to the environment. Vinegar is effective at removing unwanted odors because the acetic acid absorbs odors and dissolves them. You can apply vinegar to pet stains, bathrooms or your fridge to remove unwanted odors. Vinegar does not smell the best at first, but it becomes odorless when it dries.

Disinfectant: Vinegar is a great cleaning supply to keep in your bathroom as it is very effective at disinfecting and killing germs. You can clean a sink or toilet bowl by filling them with vinegar and letting the vinegar sit overnight. You can also use it in your bathroom to clean grout and remove soap scum. Pour some in your laundry to kill germs on those stinky shirts.

Surface Cleaner: As a surface cleaner, vinegar can disinfect and polish. The acetic acid will not only kill bacteria it will break down and remove dust and dirt particles. It is perfect for wiping your kitchen counter tops and cleaning the inside of your fridge. We recommend keeping your cleaning vinegar inside a spray bottle for convenience. Note* Do not use vinegar on surfaces such as marble, waxed floors, and the screens of your electronic devices.  The acidity can be damaging.

Stain Remover: The acidity of vinegar gives it the ability to loosen bonding molecules and proteins that cause most stains. When cleaning up a stain you should always begin by blotting the area to soak up as much of the staining solution as possible. Then soak the stained item in vinegar before laundering.

Calcium Deposits: Vinegar is great at getting rid of Calcium deposits too! Run it through your coffee maker to get rid of unwanted buildup or pour some in the bottom of your kettle for an hour and watch the build up disappear. Use a plastic bag with vinegar to soak your showerhead. Spray it on your faucets or better yet, soak a wash cloth in vinegar and let it sit on heavy deposits. Rinse and repeat until all calcium is gone.

We at Prestige always recommend using Vinegar and water after we clean Tile Floors and Showers for our clients. It prevents dirt buildup so you won’t have to have it professionally cleaned as often. I use it pretty much everywhere in our house. It’s cheap, it’s effective and it’s safe. How many other cleaners do you know of that you cook with??