When I was in my twenties I moved into a one bedroom apartment all by myself. It was SO exciting. Everything was new and perfect and clean. I spent a few days unpacking and getting everything just the way I wanted it.

It was amazing! I felt like I was living in a model home! I couldn’t be happier! My apartment was perfect and I was going to keep it that way!

Wine spillTHAT NIGHT I was watching TV and drinking a glass of cool-aid………… did you just cringe?? Can you feel what’s coming?

YES! I knocked over my glass and spilled red cool-aid onto my brand new beige carpet!! My perfectly perfect carpet in my perfectly new apartment! UUGGG!!!

In a flash I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a towel and my heavy duty carpet cleaning spray! I then proceeded to frantically scrub as hard as I could to try to bring my beautiful carpet back to its pristine condition.

Guess what? It didn’t work and I spent the next 2 years in a lovely apartment with a light pink spot on my rug.

Sadly, this didn’t have to happen! Now that I own a Carpet Cleaning business I know that the VERY BEST product you can use to clean up spots on your carpet is……wait for it……….WATER!!

That’s right! Hot water is perfect for cleaning up spills and unlike cleaners you buy at the store it won’t mess with the PH of the spill leaving you with a lovely permanent stain on your carpet. EVEN Cool-aid!

Why HOT Water??

Water cleans so well because it is a very good solvent (it dissolves things.)  Any solid material that is soluble in water is more soluble in hot water.  Solubility of solids in liquid solvents increases as you increase the temperature.  Therefore, hotter water dissolves dirt away easier.

Detergent also leaves a residue that attracts more dirt. Think about the last time you cleaned up with a detergent. Did it get dirty looking soon after? Did the spot come back?

Next time you have a spill, quickly soak up the excess with a towel, heat up some water in the microwave and douse the area.

Clean carpet with water!
Clean carpet with water!

Then put a new folded up towel on top and step on it to soak up the water.


Then repeat until the stain is gone.


It Works!

Especially if you have Scotch Guard on your carpet. This protector is a barrier on the carpet fibers that gives you time to wash away the spill before it can even sink in.

So throw out your sprays and embrace your carpet’s new friend! WATER!

Say it with me, “WATER”! I know it sounds too simple to be true, but PLEASE, PLEASE just try it next time you have a spill.